FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) Funding

Types of FSET funding:

  1. Supplemental or 100% Federal- Funding is designated for administrative costs of the FSET program. This annual allocation from the federal Food and Nutrition Service is based 90% on the number of work registrants reported by the State each FFY, and 10% on the number of reported ABAWDS.
  2. Base or 50/50 GPR/Fed- Annual allocation of State General Purpose Revenue and Federal funds. These funds are designated for administrative expenses that exceed the 100 Federal allocation, participant reimbursement costs and job retention.
  3. Third Party or 50/50 Local/Federal- Local funding (typically tax levy) and Federal dollars used to fund new or enhanced services or to expand the FSET program.

Regardless of funding source, allowable FSET expenses must be federally approved as reasonable and necessary.

Reasonable Costs:

  • A cost is reasonable if its nature and amount does not exceed that which a prudent person would pay under similar circumstances.
  • Provides a program benefit generally commensurate with the cost incurred,
  • Are in proportion to other program costs for the function that the costs serve, and
  • Are within the scope of FSET.

Necessary Costs:

  • Are incurred to carry out essential functions of the FSET program,
  • Cannot be avoided without adversely affecting program operations,
  • Are a priority expenditure relative to other demands on availability of administrative resources, and
  • Do not duplicate existing efforts. FSET funding must not be used to cover costs of goods or services that are available for free.
Last Revised: November 18, 2014