Forms - Key Word Explanations

Form Type Key Word Explanations

  • Word = Microsoft Word format.

  • PDF = Adobe Acrobat format.

  • Paper = Hard copies available from the Form Center.  Provides link to ordering instructions.

  • Excel = Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format.

  • HTML = Web-based page.

  • PowerPoint = Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Restricted = Only available by contacting program staff.

  • System = Web based form that provides direct data entry into connected database.  May require a password.

Other Location Key Word Explanations

  • Form Center = Paper copies available in the Form/Publication Center.  Links to instructions on how to order from the Form/Publication Center.

  • None = No paper stock.  Only available from the link provided.

  • Program = Provides link to appropriate contact information for ordering the form or publication.

  • Provider Services = Third Party contact (provider) or system log-on (provider).  


Last Revised: October 21, 2014