Ordering Printed Forms

To order preprinted forms and publications, please use the following process.

  • Complete form F-80025A, "Forms/Publications Requisition."  If you cannot use the Microsoft Word F-80025A to electronically request forms, you need to use the multiple ply F-80025. To order this form, please call 608-266-8502 or email Lois Mulder

  • Please DO NOT remove the carbon between the white and yellow copies. Retain the blue copy for your records. When providing your mailing address, include an appropriate street address, a P.O. box is not sufficient.

  • Send the completed form (F-80025) to the appropriate forms manager. If you do not know who to send the order to, please refer to the forms managers list or call 608-266-8502.

  • Please order only a three- to six-month supply.

  • When preparing an order for forms or publications from more than one division, mail the request to the manager responsible for the majority of items ordered; please refer to the forms managers list. That manager will route the order to the next manager for approval.

Note:  Forms with a CFS and/or publications with a PFS prefix (Division of Children and Families) are no longer stocked in the DHS forms center.  These forms can be searched for at the Department of Children and Families website.  You can contact Jeannie Holtan for assistance.

Last Revised: October 10, 2017