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CARS: Time Lines for Processing Contracts

Copies of signed contracts must be in the CARS unit no later than the 5th of the month prior to the first month of the contract period in order to generate the first check on the time line below (depending on the type of agency).

EXCEPTION: The copy of the signed contract must be in the CARS unit by November 30 if the contract period begins on January 1.

The following suggested time lines will allow sufficient time for processing the necessary paper work.

Pre-packet to BFS Three months prior to contract start date
Pre-packet returned to Contracting Division Within 10 working days
Merge Pre-packet with Contractual Document template and sent to Bureau of Procurement and Contracting Two and one-half months prior to contract start date
Contract routed via DocuSign to agency for signature Two months prior to contract start date
Agency sign and return contract Processing deadline is the 5th of the month prior to the first month of the contract period
Contract entered, system run and first payment processed Two months after first month of contract period
First payment mailed to agency 1st or 5th of the month after the run

Depending upon the contract and the type of agency, the time line may be shorter if less than 30 days are needed to secure the signature on the contract. If a board must be convened to authorize the contract, more time will be needed than if the agency director is authorized to sign for the agency.

If less than 15 days is needed to type or print the final contracts after all internal approvals have been obtained, then the time line could be shortened accordingly.

If the pre-packet is not acceptable as submitted, additional time may be required to resolve problems/issues.

The time to complete the above process is expected to require 60 to 90 days.

Securing a RPA may require significantly more time. Guidance on procurement requirements is provided by DOA Procurement and the Bureau of Procurement and Contracting.

Last revised May 15, 2023