Consumer Guide to Health Care - Help: Moving Around the Consumer Guide

Like all websites, this Consumer Guide is a collection of individual Web pages. The pages are connected by clickable hyperlinks. As you use your mouse to move the cursor around the screen, the cursor sometimes changes to a hand with a pointing finger. When this happens, you are pointing to a hyperlink - which means you can click a button on your mouse to advance to a new page.

The main page for the Consumer Guide is also called its home page. Use the Home link at the top left of each page to return to the home page from anywhere else in the Guide.

You can also use buttons at the top of your browser window to move from page to page. Using these buttons is like turning the pages in a book. The Back button lets you back up through pages you have already visited. Use the Forward button to march ahead again.

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Last Revised: April 29, 2015