Consumer Guide to Health Care - Site Index

Adult Day Care, Finding and Choosing
Adult Family Home, Finding and Choosing
Advance Directives
Affordable Care Act
Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)
AIDS, Resources for Dealing With
Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Treatment Programs, Finding and Choosing
Alternative Therapies
Alzheimer's Disease, Resources for Dealing With
Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Finding and Choosing
Anatomy, Understanding
Arthritis, Resources for Dealing With
Artists, Health Insurance for
Assisted Living, Finding and Choosing

BadgerCare Plus
Board Certification for Physicians
Brain Injuries, Resources for Dealing With

Cancer, Resources for Dealing With
Caregivers, Resources for
Cerebral Palsy, Resources for Dealing With
Charges, hospital
Childbirth and Pregnancy, Guides and Resources For
Children, Health Care For
Chiropractors, Finding and Choosing
Choosing a Doctor
Chronic Illness, Resources for caregiver
Clinical Drug Trials
College Students, Health Insurance for
Community-Based Residential Facility (CBRF), Finding and Choosing
Complaints, About Your Dentist
Complaints, About Your Doctor
Complaints, About Health Care Facilities
Complaints, About Health Care Providers
Corporate Guardianship, Finding and Choosing
Cystic Fibrosis, Resources for Dealing With

Deafness, Resources for Dealing with
Debt, Medical
Dentists, Finding and Choosing
Dentists, Problems with
Developmental Disabilities
Diabetes, Resources for Dealing With
Disabilities, Medicare and Medicaid Eligibility
Disabilities, Resources for Caregivers
Disabilities, Resources for Dealing With
Doctors - Physician Groups in Wisconsin
Doctors, Board Certification
Doctors, Checking License Status
Doctors, Choosing
Doctors, Finding
Doctors, Osteopathic
Doctors, Performance
Doctors, Problems With
Doctors, Ratings
Doctors, Talking With
Down Syndrome, Resources for Dealing With
Drug Addiction Treatment, Finding and Choosing

Eating Well
Elderly, Resources for
Emergencies, Preparing For
End Stage Renal Dialysis Providers, Finding and Choosing
Epilepsy, Resources for Dealing With
Experimental Medicine

Facilities Serving People with Developmental Disabilities (FDDs), Finding and Choosing
Farm Families, Health Insurance for
Farm Medicine
Fee-For-Service Insurance
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
Food Guide (
Free Dental Care
Free Eye Care
Free Health Care
Free Hospital Care


Hard of Hearing, Resources
Healthcare-Associated Infections, Preventing
Health Care Professionals, Problems With
Health Information, Finding on the Internet
Health Insurance Risk Sharing Program (HIRSP)
Health Insurance, Basic Options
Health Insurance, Finding and Choosing
Health Insurance Marketplace
Health Insurance, Problems With
Health Law
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
Health Plans, Performance
Health Plans, Ratings
Health Records, Access to
Health Records, Privacy of
Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)
Health Spending Accounts

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
Healthy Start
Heart Disease, Resources for Dealing With
High-Risk Newborns
Hodgkin's Disease, Resources for Dealing With
Home Health Care, Finding and Choosing
Home Health Care, Problems With
Hospice Care, Finding and Choosing
Hospice Care, Problems With
Hospital Stays, Typical Charges For
Hospitals, Finding and Choosing
Hospitals, Performance
Hospitals, Problems With
Hospitals, Ratings
Human Body, Understanding the

Immunization Guidelines
Indemnity Insurance
Infections, Healthcare-Associated
Infertility, Resources for Dealing with
Informed Consent
Internet, Finding Health Information


Kidney Disease, Resources for Dealing With

Law, Health
Leukemia, Resources for Dealing With
Living Wills
Long-Term Care
Long-Term Care, Paying for
Low Vision
Lung Disease, Resources for Dealing With
Lyme Disease
Lymphoma, Resources for Dealing With

Managed Care
Medicaid (Medical Assistance)
Medical Bills, Problems with
Medical Bills, Legal Help
Medical Debt
Medical Errors
Medical Rights
Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs)
Medical Terms, Understanding
Medicare, Supplemental Insurance for
Mental Illness, Resources for Dealing With
Mental Health Care Treatment Programs, Finding and Choosing
Muscular Dystrophy, Resources for Dealing With
Myeloma, Resources for Dealing With

Newborn Screening
Nursing Homes, Finding and Choosing
Nursing Homes, Performance
Nursing Homes, Problems With
Nursing Homes, Ratings

Older Adults, Resources for
Osteopathic Physicians
Outpatient Rehabilitation, Finding and Choosing
Outpatient Surgery, Choosing

Pain, Resources for Dealing with
Parents of Preemies, Resources for
Parents of Stillborn Infants, Resources for
Parents, Resources for
Patient Safety
Patient's Bill of Rights
Pediatricians, Finding and Choosing
Personal Care Agencies, Finding and Choosing
Physiatrists, Finding and Choosing
Physician Groups in Wisconsin
Physicians, Board Certification
Physicians, Checking License Status
Physicians, Choosing
Physicians, Finding
Physicians, Osteopathic
Physicians, Problems With
Physicians, Talking With
Podiatrists, Finding and Choosing
Portable X-ray Providers, Finding and Choosing
Postpartum Depression
Power of Attorney
Pregnancy and Childbirth, Guides and Resources for
Prescription Drugs, Assistance Paying for
Prescription Drugs, Buying Online
Preventing Medical Errors
Prevention Resources
Preventive Care
Primary Care Physicians, Finding and Choosing
Privacy, Health Records
Problems With Dentists
Problems With Doctors
Problems With a Health Care Provider
Problems With Health Insurance
Psychiatrists, Finding and Choosing

Quality, Health Care
Quality, Health Plan
Quality, Hospital
Quality, Nursing Home

Residential Care Apartment Complex (RCAC), Finding and Choosing
Respite Care
Rights, Medical
Rural Health Clinics, Finding and Choosing

Safe Health Care
Self-employed, Health Insurance for
Senior Citizens, Paying for Health Care
Seniors, Resources for
Small Businesses, Health Insurance for
State Agencies and Health Care
Staying Healthy
Stillbirth, Support After
Surgeons, Finding and Choosing
Surgery, Making Decisions About
Symptoms, Recognizing

Travelers, Health Information For

Unemployed, Health Insurance for

Veterans, Health Insurance for

Wills, Living
Wisconsin Facilities with Approved Dedicated Units for the Care of Traumatic Brain Injured (TBI) Persons, Finding and Choosing
Wisconsin Facilities with Dedicated Units for the Care of Ventilator-Dependent Persons, Finding and Choosing




Last Revised: April 29, 2015