Consumer Guide to Health Care - Help: "I Wait Forever, but Nothing Shows up. Why?"

It might be because:

Traffic on the Internet is heavy. This is often the case during the working day, and especially during the late morning and early afternoon. You might want to try again another time, like earlier in the morning.

The page you are trying to view contains a lot of pictures. While the pictures may make the page look flashy, they can take a long time to load - and they may not be helping the overall usefulness of the page. You might try making your Web browser load the page without the pictures (or "without graphics," or "without images"). See your browser's Help Pages to learn how to do this.

The computer you are trying to reach is having problems. The Consumer Guide contains links to hundreds of external websites, and a site's computers don't always work as well as they should. You might want to try again at another time.

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Last Revised: April 29, 2015