Wisconsin's Participation in the Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN) to Reduce Infant Mortality

Man holds a sleeping infant.

The federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau is sponsoring the national Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN) to Reduce Infant Mortality. National and federal partners include:

Wisconsin is participating in the CoIIN Preconception and Interconception Care team, the Safe Sleep and SUID team, and the Social Determinants of Health team. The CoIIN will employ the science of continuous quality improvement (CQI), a shared workspace online, and a data dashboard.

CoIIN Fact sheets and Reports

CoIIN: Safe Sleep and SUID, P-01027 (May 2015) (PDF)

CoIIN: Preconception and Interconception Care, P-01027A (May 2015) (PDF)

CoIIN: Social Determinants of Health, P-01027B (May 2015) (PDF)

SDOH Recommended Strategies (September 2015) (PDF)

CoIIN Presentations

National CoIIN website

Wisconsin and the Region V CoIIN Update, P-00567 (November 2013) (PDF)

HRSA Region V CoIIN to Reduce Infant Mortality (June 5, 2013) (PDF)

Wisconsin Infant Mortality Background and Related Efforts (Selected), P-00488 (April 2013) (PDF)

CoIIN: Using the Science of Quality Improvement and Collaborative Learning to Reduce Infant Mortality (April 24-25, 2013) (PDF)

Last Revised: December 1, 2017