Healthy Wisconsin

We can make Wisconsin healthier, together.

Wisconsin’s health is our health. Your health. And the health and well-being of everyone who calls this place home. It’s part of the communities in which we live, play, work and learn. And that means making it better is something we can only do together. So take a closer look at the challenges we face and the progress we’re making. Because understanding Wisconsin’s health is the first step to ensuring opportunities for better health for ourselves and our neighbors.

We’re engaging everyone in the pursuit of a healthier Wisconsin.

Three children walk on a fallen log in the woods

Making Wisconsin healthier for everyone isn’t just possible—it’s happening now, in small and big ways all over this state.

Wisconsin’s health is everywhere—in our homes and relationships, where we work and play, and in our community organizations, institutions and policies.

Explore the priority areas


Working together to reduce heavy and binge drinking in Wisconsin.


The need to treat and prevent opioid abuse has never been greater.


Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in Wisconsin.


Nutrition and Physical Activity

Eating well and staying active are important at every age.


Preventing suicide in Wisconsin means finding and offering support.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Understanding how ACEs can have a lasting effect.


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Who we are

Healthy Wisconsin is about working from the ground up to make sure every resident and every community has the chance to contribute and see the positive, measurable results of our actions. We’re putting our energy and resources into identifying opportunities to make Wisconsin’s policies, systems and environments healthier. And we’re helping communities, people and programs share goals and connect in new and meaningful ways.

Last Revised: April 20, 2021