HIV in Real Life Media Campaign Resource Library

The HIV in Real Life media campaign aims to reduce HIV-related stigma through messages of hope and positivity. Addressing HIV stigma is central to ending the HIV epidemic because when people experience stigma they are less likely to access HIV testing, adopt safe behaviors, or be adherent to their HIV medications. This campaign features a number of Milwaukee residents who shared their stories about staying healthy while living with HIV, staying HIV negative, or encountering stigma in their lives.

Look for HIV in Real Life ads around Milwaukee and on social media. These images are available for all to download and use on your social media pages. If you would like to order a poster for your clinic or community space, see below to make a request for free posters.

Join the HIV in Real Life media campaign! Right click on an image and click "save" to download the image to use on your social media pages.


Living a long healthy life with HIV

Time to update your idea of HIV

HIV: Supporting each other, always

Confidence and HIV

Living a long, healthy life with HIV

Supportive friends and HIV

HIV has changed Love hasn't



Time to Update your Idea of HIV

Confidence and HIV

Supporting each other always

HIV has changed, love hasn't

Living a long healthy life with HIV

Friends, family and HIV



Living a long healthy life with HIV

Loving me won't pass on HIV

Confidence, Pride and HIV

Living a long healthy life with HIV

Supporting each other, always.

HIV has changed, Love hasn't.

Supportive Friends and HIV



If you would like free printed posters for your community space, waiting room, or clinic, please email Anne-Marie Gates. Please use the publication number listed below the image to indicate the poster, the quantity, and the size of each. Each poster is available in 8.5"x11" or 11"x17."

HIV Poster: Confidence and HIV


HIV Poster: Supportive Friends and HIV


HIV Poster: Loving without limits


HIV Poster: HIV Doesn't Define Me


HIV Poster: Bright, Happy future and HIV


HIV Poster: Time to update your idea of HIV


Last Revised: August 28, 2019