Governor Walker's Mental Health Reform Package Program - Expansion of Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

Program: Expansion of Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

Implementation Date: July 2014

Governor’s Proposal: The Governor’s plan expands the use of Comprehensive Community Services statewide. In addition, the budget will provide state funding for current programs, saving counties with CCS programs over $6 million.

Status:  The expansion of CCS was approved with modifications as part of 2013 Act 20. The Department of Health Services is required to submit a report by March 1, 2014 with information on how the benefit will be implemented. It also places the funding in the Joint Finance Committee's appropriation and requires DHS to submit a request for the release of the funds under a 14 day passive review.

Function/Description: Comprehensive Community Services is a publicly operated program for adults and children with mental illness. Most services are provided in home and/or in the community as opposed to a clinician’s office. What makes it unique is that each community bases its behavioral services on local resources and need. CCS is considered a psychosocial rehabilitation service and is reimbursable via Medicaid.

Funding for expanding Comprehensive Community Services (CCS):

FY 2015 GPR: $10,202,000 FED: $6,499,900 AF: $16,701,900

Background: Typical CCS service plans include a mix of access to and maintenance of, psychiatric medication, counseling and supportive education, mental health psychotherapy, and case management service. The program also allows for residential services, and other evidence-based mental health and substance abuse treatment. As a result of the CCS programs there has been reduced psychiatric hospitalizations, improved primary health care outcomes, improved familial and social relationships, access to meaningful employment, and improved reports of overall life satisfaction. In 2011, 1,469 Wisconsin residents were served by Comprehensive Community Services.

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Last Revised: October 31, 2016