Governor Walker's Mental Health Reform Package Program - Creation of the Office of Children's Mental Health

Governor’s Proposal: The Governor’s budget creates the Office of Children’s Mental Health to better coordinate federal, state, and local services to children with mental health needs.

Status: The creation of the Office of Children's Mental Health Services was approved as part of 2013 Act 20.

Implementation Date: January 2014

Function/Description: The Governor is focused on the healthy growth and development of children, which includes children’s mental health. Too often children with mental health concerns are caught in a complicated system of agencies and services, and in many cases children needing mental health services go un-served or under-served. The Office of Children’s Mental Health will assure the coordination and integration of services across state agencies:

  • The office will facilitate communication with all state agencies serving children, coordinate initiatives, and monitor program performance focused on children’s mental health.
  • The office will support administrative efficiencies to allow for a reduction in duplication of efforts among state organizations devoted to children’s programming.
  • The office will improve access to appropriate services to children, focusing on children’s services provided not only by DHS, but also the Department of Children and Families, Department of Public Instruction, and the Department of Corrections, as well as other organizations serving children in the State of Wisconsin.
  • The office will be staffed by a Director appointed by the Governor, and three liaison staff. It will report directly to the Governor’s office.

Funding for the Office of Children’s Mental Health in 2013-2015

FY 2014GPR: $185,200
FY 2015GPR: $350,200


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Last Revised: October 21, 2014