Governor Walker's Mental Health Reform Package Program - Expansion of In-Home Counseling for Children

Governor’s Proposal: The Governor’s budget allows the home to be a service delivery location for Medicaid eligible children in need of mental health services.

Status: The expansion of in home counseling for children was approved as part of 2013 Act 20.

Implementation Date: July 1, 2013

Function/Description: In home counseling is typically targeted to children in need of family therapy, or children involved in the child welfare system. Expanding in home counseling services promotes access and engagement in treatment for families and children. Currently, in home counseling is only available to children diagnosed with a severe emotional disturbance through the Medicaid “HealthCheck Other” benefit. This proposal would allow the existing Medicaid outpatient mental health benefits to provide “the home” as a place for service for children, especially those children 0-5 years old. The Governor’s proposal allows children access to in home service early in a child’s development to detour more costly services later in life.

Funding for expanding in home counseling for children:

FY 2014GPR: $262,000FED: $393,000AF: $655,000
FY 2015GPR: $262,000FED: $393,000AF: $655,000
2013-2015GPR: $524,000FED: $786,000AF: $1,310,000
  • In home counseling for children is a Medicaid benefit. State funding is matched at the state’s current Medicaid matching rate.

Background: The service is used extensively throughout the country to address children and families where a child is at risk of placement outside the home, or where a child is returning from a placement to a family environment. The service is used to promote family therapy approaches to relationship issues between parents and children, siblings, and/or other family members. This expansion promotes access and engagement in treatment for families and children.

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Last Revised: October 21, 2014