Governor Walker's Mental Health Reform Package Program - Coordinated Service Team (CST)

Governor’s Proposal: The Governor’s budget expands the use of Coordinated Service Teams statewide.

Status: The expansion of Coordinated Service Teams was approved as part of 2013 Act 20.

Implementation Date: January 2014

Function/Description: Coordinated Service Teams care for children with behavioral health issues and are targeted to children and families involved in two or more systems of care (such as mental health, long term care, juvenile justice, child welfare, substance abuse, or special education), and who have complex needs. Counties or tribes may operate CSTs. The program coordinates care for children and focuses on empowering parents in helping their children.

Funding for Coordinated Service Teams:

FY 2014      GPR: $1,250,000
FY 2015      GPR: $2,500,000

Background: Currently, there are 42 CST programs that have received some state funding support, (including those in Milwaukee and Dane Counties) in 2011.

  • 764 children were served by CST programs with an average enrollment of 11.6 months.
  • Primary referral systems for CST programs included child welfare systems (30%), mental health systems (24%), school systems (18%), and direct referral from families (17%).
  • Outcomes were reported on 241 children discharged during 2011. Of those: 85% had no reported school suspensions or expulsions; 79% had no involvement with juvenile justice; children rated as a danger to others decreased from 44% at enrollment to 17% at discharge; the percentage of children with permanent and stable relationships with parents or other adults increased 21% from enrollment to discharge; 72% of the children enrolled had school performance at grade C or higher at discharge.

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Last Revised: June 5, 2015