Governor Walker's Mental Health Reform Package Program Peer Run Respite Centers

Governor’s Proposal: The Governor’s budget invests in the development of Peer Run Respite Centers.

Status:  The authorization for the creation of Peer Run Respite Centers was approved as part of 2013 Act 20.

Implementation Date: July 2014

Function/Description: Peer Run Respite Centers are an innovative service delivery designed to improve quality of life and reduce emergency room visits. The services are delivered by people who themselves have been successful in the recovery process. The services are community based, residential settings that offer a small number of beds to people before or during a crisis situation, or to those people having difficulty coping with mental illness.

Funding for Peer Run Respite Centers:

FY 2014 GPR: $64,600
FY 2015 GPR: $1,282,700

Background: Peer Run Respite Centers have been developed in a number of states, including Arizona, California, Georgia, Nebraska, and New York. The centers work closely with law enforcement and mental health crisis services, and serve in the sequence of crisis programming. The goals include:

  • Diverting patients from emergency rooms and hospitals.
  • Keeping people in the community.
  • Providing peer support for people who are in crisis, or having difficulties that could lead to a crisis.

About Peer Run Respite Centers

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Last Revised: November 11, 2014