IPS: Implementation Steps

Adding more counties and tribes to the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) program is a goal of the agencies that manage the program at the state level. The following steps are best practice for a successful launch of an IPS program. If you are adding a new team to an existing IPS site, work with your IPS state trainer for technical assistance.

  1. Secure county or tribal leadership approval and interest in taking further steps in providing IPS best practice your county or tribe.
  2. Send an email expressing your interest in launching an IPS program to the IPS state trainers. This interest email will be forwarded to the Wisconsin IPS Leadership Team to ensure the Department of Workforce Development, the Department of Health Services, and UW-Madison are informed.
  3. Participate in an initial meeting coordinated by an IPS state trainer to begin the planning process with the county or tribe and the Department of Workforce Development’s Division of Vocation Rehabilitation (DVR). This meeting may also include an employment service agency, if applicable. 
  4. Review the IPS: Roles and Responsibilities. Create timeline of next steps with actions items.
  5. Use the Agency Readiness for IPS Supported Employment Implementation Checklist (PDF).
  6. Establish Medicaid billing and vocational provider contract, if applicable.
  7. Complete a DVR Request for Agreement and follow the DVR service agreement approval process, if applicable. Current DVR vendors should work with their Workforce Development area director to add IPS to their service agreement.
  8. Schedule IPS training with the Wisconsin IPS team for new IPS employment specialists, the IPS supervisor, and DVR counselor(s).
  9. Begin a relationship with the Wisconsin IPS Learning Collaborative. This is a required component of providing IPS services referenced in the IPS: Role and Responsibilities.
  10. Plan an IPS kickoff event with the help of an IPS state trainer. 
  11. Schedule a baseline fidelity review with an IPS state trainer. This is to be completed 6-8 months after the kickoff event.

Successful completion of all of these steps will result in admittance to the International IPS Learning Community

Contact the IPS state team with questions or concerns about IPS in Wisconsin.

Last Revised: December 14, 2020