Employee Profile: Bridget Asasira

Bridget Asasira

Title: Financial Specialist - Senior

Bridget has been with DHS since November 2018.

What brought you to DHS?

I wanted to learn more about the policies and procedures the government has put in place to improve the health of Wisconsin residents, especially those that are not in a position to do so themselves. It was also an opportunity to gain invaluable work experience I can apply to make a difference.

What is most exciting project you've worked on?

Each month, the Community Aids Reporting System (CARS) unit processes monthly payments to Wisconsin agencies via what we call the monthly “run”. This process involves various steps/procedures (usually takes about 3 – 4 days) before it is completed.

Team members processing the run must apply key skills such as; critical thinking, problem solving (especially if one’s calculations do not match), time management, and most importantly be detail oriented. I have had the opportunity to process the run a few times and this has been an exciting and learning experience.

What challenges have you faced that you have overcome?

Processing the run for the first time was somewhat intimidating. I remember shadowing a coworker for the first time and it all looked “rocket-science”. But having had the chance to work on it a couple of times, I can attest it is not as complex as I thought. Of course, all of this was made possible through great teamwork, asking a lot of questions, having the zeal to learn, and practice, practice, and practice.

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had while working at DHS?

Shaking Governor Tony Evers’ and Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes’ hands. Not many Wisconsinites have had a chance to be in the same room with both gentlemen at the same time, much less shake hands with them.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I am originally from Rwanda, although I claim to be Ugandan.

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Last Revised: April 13, 2021