Employee Profile: Vanessa Baldwin

Vanessa BaldwinTitle: Financial Specialist - Senior

Vanessa has been with DHS since June 2018.

How would you describe what you do at DHS?

As a Financial Specialist in the Bureau of Fiscal Services, I primarily focus on disbursements to vendors to ensure they are financially correct, authorized, and comply with state and federal statutes, rules, and regulations. Additionally, I perform fiscal research and respond to any inquiries to vendors or division staff. I also act as backup to our supplier and travel coordinators, and assist in various fiscal related projects.

What challenges have you faced that you have overcome?

When I initially started, I was concerned about the cost of parking downtown. However, I found that there are many carpools and state vans always looking to add someone. Plus, I found it’s a great way to meet new people!

How does DHS support you?

DHS encourages staff to grow professionally and personally by offering on-site training and classes. Since starting at DHS, I attended The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and Everyday Leaders. Both trainings were beneficial, and I look forward to completing more!

Tell us about one or more of your favorite benefits?

My favorite benefit is the generous vacation time, which allows me to maintain a healthy balance between work and family.

What’s something that tends to surprise people to learn about your job?

I think people are surprised by how diverse the responsibilities and job duties are. In my section alone, many colleagues have the same financial specialist title, but each of us has a very different role.

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Last Revised: April 13, 2021