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Lead-Safe Work Practices "How To" Videos

Contractors must be trained and certified to conduct renovation, repairs and painting in homes and child occupied facilities built before 1978. These videos were developed to go along with required training and certification. They provide step-by-step demonstrations of the lead-safe work practices for:

  • Certified contractors who are required to use these work practices when conducting renovation activities on older homes.
  • Certified Lead-Safe Renovators to use when providing required on-the-job training to other workers.
  • Do-it-yourself homeowners who will find these videos helpful in planning and conducting lead-safe renovation activities in their own homes.

The videos range in length from 4 to 14 minutes. The transcripts and a supplies list for each video are provided as additional tools. Please have your sound on or use headphones to listen to the narration. You will need a media player (such as the Windows Media Player) to view these videos. See below the table for descriptions of each video.

Exterior Work Practices (9 min; WMV, 33 MB)

Transcript (PDF, 48 KB)

Supplies (PDF, 42 KB)

house with siding being replaced

Interior Work Practices (14 min; WMV, 46.7 MB)

Transcript (PDF, 80 KB)

Supplies (PDF, 42 KB)

proper plastic coverage of furnishings in interior room

Using a Recognized Test Kit (5 min; WMV, 6.8 MB)

Transcript (PDF, 48 KB)

Supplies (PDF, 42 KB)

Wisconsin approved lead test kit


Personal Protection Equipment (5 min; WMV, 12.9 MB)

Transcript (PDF, 47 KB)

Supplies (PDF, 42 KB)


respirator masks

Description of the Videos

Exterior Work Practices. This video covers how to properly conduct lead-safe work on the exterior, including the proper steps for establishing exterior containment, setting up signs and barriers, final cleaning, bagging waste and visual inspection. These topics are covered in the order they would occur on a real job from start to finish. 

Interior Work Practices. This video demonstrates how to properly conduct lead-safe work on the interior of a home, including when and how to remove or cover furniture; how to establish containment, including how to cover floors and seal doors and HVAC systems; where to establish critical barriers to the work area; how to clean after work has been completed; how to conduct the visual inspection and cleaning verification; and finally, how to properly gooseneck bagged waste.

Using EPA Recognized Test Kits. This video teaches how to correctly use an EPA and Wisconsin recognized test kit to determine if lead-based paint is present on components and surfaces that will be affected by renovation work. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services recognizes the 3M LeadCheck Lead Test Kit for use by certified Lead-Safe Renovators at the request of the homeowner to test components to determine if lead-safe work methods are required. The renovator must read and follow the instructions that come with the test kit and test each component separately. Each testing location and result must be documented in writing. 

Personal Protection Equipment. This video lists personal protection that may be needed to work lead-safe and shows how to properly don and doff personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as the steps for decontaminating and disposing of used equipment.


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