About Lead and Lead Poisoning

Childhood lead poisoning is a significant problem in Wisconsin. Wisconsin consistently ranks in the top 10 states in the nation for number of lead-poisoned children. These resources provide an overview of the damaging effects of lead on children throughout their lives.

Intellectual Impairment in Children with Blood Lead Concentrations below 10µg/dL (PDF, 118 KB): A study on the relationship between blood lead levels and IQ indicates that blood lead levels below 10 µg/dl can cause a decline in IQ points (April 17, 2003 NEJM; 348:16; 1517-26).

National Center for Healthy Homes: Offers a broad range of information about research, funding, innovative strategies, and more about lead hazards and other health risks in the home.

To learn more about lead and lead poisoning, see information available from Environmental Public Health Tracking.

Last Revised: December 9, 2015