About Lead and Lead Poisoning

Childhood lead poisoning is a significant problem in Wisconsin. Wisconsin consistently ranks in the top 10 states in the nation for number of lead-poisoned children. These resources provide an overview of the damaging effects of lead on children throughout this lives.

Intellectual Impairment in Children with Blood Lead Concentrations below 10µg/dL (Exit DHS; PDF, 118 KB) A study on the relationship between blood lead levels and IQ indicates that blood lead levels below 10 µg/dl can cause a decline in IQ points (April 17, 2003 NEJM; 348:16; 1517-26).

National Center for Healthy Homes (Exit DHS) Offers a broad range of information about research, funding, innovative strategies and more about lead hazards and other health risks in the home.

Last Revised: November 22, 2014