Lead Poisoning of Children in Wisconsin

The number of children identified with lead poisoning in Wisconsin has gradually declined each year from more than 3,300 children in the year 2004 to just over 1,300 children in 2011 (Figure 1), even though during that time the number of children tested increased from 80,000 to 100,000 (Figure 2).

Due to the wealth of research showing significant learning and behavioral effects of lead on children at levels below 10 mcg/dL, in May 2012, CDC lowered the level of concern to the reference value of 5 mcg/dL for precautionary action.  In 2011, compared with just over 1.300 children at the level of 10 mcg/dL, Wisconsin had more than 8,000 children with unsafe levels of lead (5 mcg/dL or greater).

Wisconsin has a mission to eliminate childhood lead poisoning

Figure 1. Number of children identified with lead poisoning in Wisconsin, 2004-2011.

Number of Wisconsin Children under age 6 exposed to lead


Figure 2. Number of children tested for lead poisoning in Wisconsin, 2001-2011.

Time Trend Chart for children under 6 tested for lead exposure

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