Find A Certified Lead Company

These directories provide lists of companies that offer lead abatement, lead-safe renovation, or lead-based paint investigation or clearance services in Wisconsin. To be included in a directory, a company must be state-certified and employ certified persons to conduct the services offered by the company. Other companies may also qualify to provide lead services, but have not requested to be listed in a public directory.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services does not endorse the companies on these lists, nor imply preference over companies not on a list. We advise consumers to request bids from multiple companies whenever possible, check certification status of the company and its employees or sub-contractors, conduct reference checks, and require a written contract for services before engaging any company.

Lead Abatement Contractors (PDF, 204 KB)

Companies qualified to remove lead-based paint and abate lead-based paint hazards, to work on properties under orders to reduce or eliminate lead hazards, and on properties receiving federal or state funding to reduce or eliminate lead hazards.

Lead-Safe Renovation Contractors (PDF, 1.38 MB)

Companies qualified to work lead-safe when performing renovation, repair, painting, and remodeling activities that disturb paint in residential and child-occupied facilities built before 1978.

Lead Investigation Companies (PDF, 104 KB)

Companies qualified to conduct some or all of these lead investigation activities: lead risk assessments, lead hazard screens, lead paint inspections, paint chip sampling and\or onsite paint testing, soil sampling, lead clearance and dust-wipe sampling, or lead-free and lead-safe property inspections.

How to Search the Directories

Companies are listed alphabetically by city. Many companies offer their services statewide or in a service area much larger than their home city. If you do not find a company listed for your city, check neighboring cities and suburbs, moving out from your location until you find a company.

How do I search for companies in a specific city or a company with a specific name?

  1. Choose "Edit" on the Adobe Toolbar.

  2. Select "Find" with the magnifying glass icon next to it. A small search box will open in the upper right corner of the screen.

  3. Type part of or the entire city or company name you are searching for and press "Enter."

  4. The first "hit" on your search will be highlighted in the company list.

  5. Use the arrow buttons in the search box to move to additional "hits" in the list.

  6. Click the small "x" in the search box to end the search.

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