Lead-Safe Wisconsin - Plan to Eliminate Lead Poisoning

Wisconsin Childhood Lead Poisoning Elimination Plan 


Wisconsin has adopted the mission to eliminate childhood lead poisoning in Wisconsin.

Phase 1: [Completed]    

A strategic plan to eliminate childhood lead poisoning was completed in June 2004 and revised in August 2006. For these plans or the current year's workplan, contact the Wisconsin Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (WCLPPP) at 608-266-5817. 

Phase 2: [Ongoing]

Activities to implement and evaluate the strategic workplan are actively ongoing. Subcommittees were formed to complete the activities set forth in the workplan. An advisory group, the Implementation and Oversight Committee (IOC), meets two to three times per year to track the progress of the subcommittees and make recommendations for action.

For details about upcoming meetings or who the members of the committee are, please contact the Wisconsin Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, 608-266-5817. 


Initially four subcommittees were formed to implement the activities included in the four major areas of the elimination plan. In 2009, the Funding and Resources and Correcting Hazards in Housing subcommittees combined their efforts. The subcommittees meet independently of the IOC and report their progress at each IOC meeting. For details of activities and meeting dates, contact the subcommittee chairs listed below.


Housing and Resources

Targeting High-Risk Populations For Blood Lead Testing

Last Revised: March 22, 2016