Lead-Safe Wisconsin - Funding for Organizations

Below are resources available to assist in the preparation and submission of a grant for lead-related issues.

Step 1:

  • Start by identifying a problem your organization wants to address.
  • Identify individuals or groups to support the proposal.

Step 2:

Identification of Funding Resource
  • When you are looking at these funding resources, please consider the following:
    • Eligibility of Grant - Eligible Applicants
    • The amount of time needed to write the proposal
    • If the organization has the financial and personnel resources needed to fulfill proposal's objectives
  • Search through the list of sources of funding. Consider both government agencies and private organizations when searching.

Step 3:

Writing the Grant Proposal

Step 4:

Review, Review, Review
  • Seek out a neutral third party to review the proposal for continuity, clarity, and reasoning.

Step 5:

  • Remember to obtain the signature from the appropriate administrator before mailing the application. The signature must be the individual who has authority to enter into agreements for your organization.

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    Last Revised: May 5, 2015