Wisconsin-Specific Lead Poisoning Information

Wisconsin has multiple strategies and partners engaged in the fight against the number one environmental health threat to children. Links on this page will take you to resources specific to Wisconsin to address childhood lead poisoning.

Wisconsin Reports on Lead Poisoning Prevention

Response to 2009 Senate Joint Resolution 65

2009 Senate JR 65 Response Cover

In April 2010, the Wisconsin Legislature passed Senate Joint Resolution 65 (PDF, 28 KB), which required the Elimination Plan Implementation and Oversight Committee to submit a report on the costs borne by the educational and criminal justice systems attributable to lead poisoning and methods to address lead paint hazards in housing. The report, delivered to the Wisconsin Legislature on December 30, 2010, is entitled Response to 2009 Senate Joint Resolution 65 (PDF, 303 KB). Also, there is a two-page summary of the report entitled, Eliminate Childhood Lead Poisoning in Wisconsin: A Response to Senate Joint Resolution 65 (PDF, 133 KB).
The Legacy of Lead: Report on Childhood Lead Poisoning in Wisconsin, 2008

Legacy Lead Cover

The Legacy of Lead Report (PDF, 4 MB) earned recognition as a distinguished document in 2008 by the Wisconsin Library Association and in 2009 by the American Library Association. The report reveals the alarming scope of childhood lead poisoning in Wisconsin, discusses its causes and effects, and provides a systematic plan to eliminate the problem. A two-page Legacy of Lead summary (PDF, 696 KB) of the report is also available.

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