Wisconsin's Lead-Safe Renovation Rule

Federal rule banned lead from residential paint in 1978. In 2008, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency passed the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule. The federal rule was enacted to protect young children from being exposed to lead-based paint hazards that can be created during renovation activities. Renovators who are not trained in lead-safe work practices risk exposing themselves and occupants to lead at the jobsite and exposing their own families by bringing lead dust home on their clothes and equipment or in their vehicle.

The federal rule has been incorporated into Wis. Admin. Code ch. DHS 163 and is called the Wisconsin Lead-Safe Renovation Rule. The Rule applies to renovation work when it is performed for compensation in a dwelling or child-occupied facility built before 1978 and the work disturbs 6 sq. ft. or more of paint per interior room, 20 sq. ft. or more of exterior paint, or involves windows.

The Rule requires that a renovation contractor must:

  • Be certified as a Lead-Safe Renovator or must have a Certified Lead-Safe Renovator in charge of the work site.
  • Work for or be a Certified Lead-Safe Company, including a self-employed persons/sole proprietors.

The Rule affects target housing and child-occupied facilities built before 1978:

  • Single-family and multi-family housing built before 1978 (regardless if a child lives in the property)
  • Child-occupied facilities in building built before 1978

Wisconsin-recognized tests to determine if lead is present in a dwelling built before 1978 are:

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