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Training and Certification for Correcting Lead Hazards

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Lead-Safe Renovator Corner

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Forms and Publications for Lead-Certified Individuals and Companies

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Prevention and Intervention for Lead Exposure

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  • Developing Brains Vulnerable to Lead Exposure
  • Occupational Exposure
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
  • Blood Lead Testing of Children
  • Nutrition and Lead Exposure
  • Public Health Intervention for Lead Poisoning
  • Sources of Lead Exposure
  • Treatment of Lead Poisoning

Resources for Lead-Safe Housing

  • Funding for Lead-Safe Housing
  • Understanding Lead-Safe Work Practices During Renovation
  • Identifying Lead Hazards in Housing
  • Create Lead-Safe Housing as a Community

Recalls of Products Containing Lead

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Wisconsin-Specific Lead Poisoning Information

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Wisconsin Asbestos and Lead Database Online (WALDO)

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Tools and Resources for Lead Poisoning Prevention and Intervention

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  • Funding Opportunities for Addressing Lead Hazards
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Contact Us

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