LGBT Health - HIV/AIDS Resources

HIV/AIDS: disparities and resources

Since the HIV/AIDS epidemic began in the 1980's, it has received much of the information, funding, and resources directed towards LGBT health in the United States. While there has been great progress in the prevention of HIV transmission and in the care of those living with HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS infection still remains a substantial health concern in the LGBT community. 

In Wisconsin, men who have sex with men (MSM) have rates of HIV 80 times higher than those of women and heterosexual men. Four percent to 8% of MSM statewide are estimated to be living with HIV infection. Rates vary significantly by race/ethnicity; 3% to 6% of white MSM are estimated to be living with HIV, compared to 6% to 12% of Latino MSM, and as many as 18% to 36% of African American MSM.

In both Wisconsin and nationally, new HIV infections are also increasing mostly rapidly in young MSM, especially young men of color.

The following resources are intended to address HIV/AIDS infection issues and disparities affecting the LGBT community.

Hyperlinks marked with the State icon  icon indicate Wisconsin resources.

AIDS NetworkState icon 
Description: Legal, life care, prevention, and support group information for people living with AIDS
Resource availability: South Central Wisconsin

AIDS Resource Center of WisconsinState icon 
Description: Medical center, social services, and prevention programs
Resource availability: Wisconsin (statewide)

Brady East STD ClinicState icon 
Description: HIV/AIDS prevention counseling and testing, information, and prevention tips 
Resource availability: Milwaukee

Center for AIDS Intervention ResearchState icon 
Description: Information on Intervention resources and current research
Resource availability: Milwaukee, Internet

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Description: General information regarding HIV infection and HIV prevention, clinical guidelines and recommendations, resources for consumers and health care providers.
Resource availability: Internet

GenderWellnessState icon 
Description: Information promoting healthy attitudes about gender and sexuality.
Resource availability: Internet

Wisconsin AIDS/HIV ProgramState icon 
Description: Information on the DHS AIDS/HIV program, including resources for patients and clinicians
Resource availability: Wisconsin, Internet

Wisconsin HIV/STD/Hepatitis C Information and Referral CenterState icon 
Description: Fact sheets, testing referrals, and external links
Resource availability: Internet

Last Revised: February 26, 2016