Wisconsin Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus - Medical Support Liability

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Medical Support Liability means that the parents of a child are liable for his or her child's medical care. The parent is liable to provide health care coverage or by paying the child's medical bills.

By signing the BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid application, you agree to meet the Medical Support rules.

In some case, you must cooperate with the Child Support Agency (CSA) to establish paternity. This means you must help to locate an absent parent by legally naming the absent parent and/or enforcing medical support liability orders if you are applying for or getting BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid. The support includes unpaid and ongoing medical support, including the birth costs for your child.

If you do not cooperate with the CSA and do not have "good cause", your benefits may be end, if you are an adult and are not pregnant.

Good Cause

There are certain reasons for not cooperating with these rules. These are called "good cause." Good cause is when:

  • Your cooperation could result in physical or emotional harm to:
    • Your Child. This means your child's mental state would be greatly affected; or
    • Yourself. This means the impairment is of such a nature or degree that it reduces your ability to effectively care of your child; or
  • At least one of the following is true and to cooperate would harm your child:
    • The child was conceived as a result of incest or sexual assault, or
    • A petition for the child's adoption has been filed with a court; or
    • You are being helped by a public or private social agency in deciding whether or not to end your parental rights and has not gone on for more than three months.

Unless there is good cause for refusing, you must also cooperate in:

  • Establishing the paternity of any child born out of wedlock if BadgerCare Plus/Medicaid is requested or received for that child.
  • Getting medical support for yourself or for your child if BadgerCare Plus/Medicaid is requested or received.

Fathers of Newborns May Be Responsible

Fathers of newborns may be required to pay for birth-related costs for the baby and mother that was paid by BadgerCare Plus or Medicaid. These costs may include physician, hospital, and other costs.

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