Mendota Mental Health Institute - M-POWER Philosophy and Services


  1. It is a therapeutic work environment (patient goal oriented) where specific arrangements are made and accepted by addressing the individual needs of each employee/patient. Information, interaction, and observation is then assessed, documented, discussed, revised, further treated, and follow-up while working in treatment.

  2. It is a form of therapy, by respecting the employee's/patient's desire for confidentiality and specifically identifying the degree of confidentiality.

  3. It is real work where treatment, therapy, and work are natural life experience.

  4. It is a chance to engage in joint problem solving, from a multidisciplinary team effort and an individualized employee/patient effort in vocational therapy.


OVERVIEW: M-POWER has a variety of services varying from somewhat brief "hands on" skill building work experience such as:


  • Changing a tire.
  • Basic bicycle maintenance.
  • Ladder safety.
  • Tool safety.
  • Gardening.

Paid Work Experience

  • Production and assembly.
  • Framing and matting.
  • Basic data entry.
  • Computer word processing.
  • Customer service.
  • Clerical service.
  • Various types of finishing.
  • Various types of painting technique.
  • Cleaning and maintenance.

Therapy Modules

  • Basic Mathematics, Money management and Measurement skill.
  • Cooking and management.
  • Work-related vocabularies.
  • Job application.
  • Telling time skill.
  • Basic computer function in Microsoft Word.
  • Developing work-related skills.
  • Writing and spelling skills.
  • Community resources for work.

On-going Educational Services

  • Group discussion in work-related issue.
  • Community speaker in American with Disabilities Act.


Last Revised: December 10, 2014