Mendota Mental Health Institute - Prevocational Services

Services include the design and implementation of formal and informal assessments protocols, treatment plans, and job descriptions appropriate for adult and forensic patients whose treatment needs include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Memory related difficulties associated with Mental Illness, Developmental Disabilities, Emotional Disabilities, and Physical Disabilities.
  2. Expressive and receptive communication skills that are/or can be a part of the treatment through work.
  3. Providing a work history for those who have little or no positive work history related to previous employment.
  4. Training, screening, and education in areas such as how to use adaptive aids and tools, utilization of small hand tools, basic math and reading skills at least to the 6th grade level, color discriminations, basic typing skills, utilization of community resources, adaptation toward work skills, tolerance of others and self, stress management, self-esteem, life skills, proper hygiene, and the opportunity to learn further.
  5. Communication problems associated with people with mental illness, emotional disabilities, developmental disabilities, language and cultural issues, and physical disabilities.
  6. Exploration of resources and support for pre-employment in designated areas of interest.


Last Revised: December 10, 2014