Mendota Mental Health Institute - Prevocational Program for Treatment-Rehabilitation - Assessment-Care Unit #3

Work place is an important role for a person recovering from a mental illness. The workplace provides a social support system and the opportunity for people to regain their sense of self-esteem and self-worth.  TRAC 3 Prevocational Programming at Mendota Mental Health Institute is defined as highly organized and supervised vocational activities designed for initiating vocational exposure and readiness. Activities are structured to teach skills and behaviors in preparation for assuming the role of a worker.

Mendota's Prevocational Opportunity for Work Education and Rehabilitation (M-POWER) provides a variety of work opportunities and vocational exposure. Additionally, M-POWER assess patient's work habits, behaviors, attitudes, communication skills, and basic work skills. M-POWER is specifically designed to create "real world" work experience and opportunity.

The purpose of M-POWER is to provide a continuum of services for therapy and treatment through work opportunity.  M-POWER services are available to patients who exhibit treatment needs; that through a variety of prevocational opportunities, can be treated. Services are provided by professional therapists. Consultation and training are available to the Institute and community. Clinical practicum experience is available to graduate students. Other volunteer/student experiences are also available in the already mentioned areas of focus.


Last Revised: December 10, 2014