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Crisis Resources

  • Emergency Crisis Hotline - 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Suicide Hotline - 1-800- SUICIDE (784-2433)

Family Support Organizations

Mental Health Support Organizations


Veterans Info


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Patient Handouts

  • Family Brief, readable articles on hundreds of health topics from the AAFP


Useful Sites You Might Not Know Existed:

  • A clearing house for information on assistance programs from drug companies and from government sources, for patients who cannot afford medications -
  • Dr. Stephen Barrett's extensive website ferreting out the truth about health fads, alternative medicine, questionable nutritional supplements, health frauds and myths, and more.  Barrett's bias is towards scientifically verifiable information. -
  • From the National Library of Medicine, this free database of over 20 million biomedical literature citations from health and scientific research journals.  When you identify what you need, contact your local librarian to request the article. -
  • The American Medical Association directory of doctors of all kinds. AMA DoctorFinder -

Hard copies of this list may be found at the Lorenz Hall entrance, the FTU nursing desk, the entrance to CST, the TRAC3 unit entrance, the entrance to GTU, the Goodland Hall Visitor Processing Area and the Goodland Hall Visiting Room.


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