2010 Wisconsin Public Psychiatry Network Teleconferences

Date Topic Presenter
Jan 7 The Integration of Quality Care: Nicotine Dependence Treatment in Mental Health and AODA Settings
Handout (PDF, 397KB)
Eric Heiligenstein, M.D., University Health Services University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jan 21 Peer Specialists
Handout 1 (PDF, 945KB)
Handout 2 (PDF, 348KB)
(The above documents are not DHS publications and are provided for training purposes only.)
Alice F. Pauser, WI Peer Specialist Program
Maria Hanson, JD, Mendota Mental Health Institute
Feb 4 Mental Health Treatment for the LGBT Community
Handout 1 (PDF, 729KB)
Gary Hollander, Ph.D., Diverse and Resilient, Inc.
Feb 18 What You Should Tell Clients About the Causes of Autism
Handout (PDF, 57KB)
Hugh Johnston, MD, University of Wisconsin School Of Education
Mar 4 Anger and Forgiveness
Handout 1 (PDF, 40KB)
James E. Daubert, LCSW, Norm Bucholtz, RCT,  and Julie Holfeltz, LCSW, Mendota Mental Health Institute
Mar 18 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Psychosis
Handout 1 (PDF, 252KB)
Ronald Diamond, M.D., UW Department of Psychiatry
Apr 1 Teen Intervene
Handout 1 (PDF, 141KB)
Ken Winters, Ph.D., Department of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota
Apr 15 Perinatal Depression and Anxiety
Handout 1 (PDF, 1165KB)
Handout 2 (PDF, 113KB)
Roseanne Clark, M.D., UW School of Medicine and Public Health Department of Psychiatry
Apr 29 Suicide and Suicidality: Paradoxes and Data
Handout 1 (PDF, 141KB)
Hugh Johnston, M.D., UW School of Education
May 13 Managing Conflict in a Team Setting
Handout 1 (PDF, 85KB)
Dan Naylor, MPA, White Pine Consulting Service
June 10 Recovery of Chronic Patients, Chronic Staff, and Chronic Systems: How We Can All Change
Handout 1 (PDF, 365KB)
(Page 3 of this document may not be accessible to those with disabilities)
Ronald Diamond, M.D., UW Department of Psychiatry
June 24 HIV Disease: Psychological Impact and Various Treatment Considerations
Handout 1 (PDF, 117KB)
Leslie Anderson, WI AIDS/HIV Program
Lisa Baker, Ph.D., UW School of Medicine and Public Health
Kevin R. Roeder, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW, Director, Behavioral Health and Wellness Clinic AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
July 8 Suicide Prevention with Veterans Gregory Simons, Ph.D.
Aruna Jha, Suicide Prevention VA Medical Center
Michelle M. Cornette, Ph.D.
July 22 Cause or Effect?  The Relationship Between Drugs of Abuse and Mental Illness
Handout 1 (PDF, 444KB)
Claudia Reardon, M.D., University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
Aug 5 Suicide and Suicidality: Paradoxes and Data Continued
Handout 1 (PDF, 141KB)
Hugh Johnston, M.D., UW School of Education
Aug 19 Alzheimer's Disease and Other Common Dementias
Handout 1 (PDF, 6.3MB )
Handout 2 (PDF, Exit DHS) (Handout two (2) is not a  DHS publication and is provided for training purposes only.)
Art Walaszek, M.D., Department of Psychiatry University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
Sep 2 Update on Antipsychotic Medications
Handout 1 (PDF, 1.3MB)
Ronald Diamond, M.D., UW Department of Psychiatry
Sep 16 ACT Model John Battaglia, MD, Program of Assertive Community Treatment
Sep 30 Treatment of Aggressive Behavior: Medications and Behavioral Approaches
Handout 1 (PDF, 41KB)
Philip N. Lomas, M.D., Psychiatrist, Forensic Program, Mendota Mental Health Institute
Oct 14 Recovery from Both Sides of the Fence Tamra Oman, Human Services Program Coordinator, Recovery Support Specialist, Wisconsin Resource Center
Nov 11 Methadone Maintenance for Pregnant Women
Handout (PDF, 43KB)
Deborah Powers, State Opioid Treatment Authority, DMHSAS, BPTR
Dec 9 Self-Esteem for Troubled Human Beings in Treatment and Counselor's Views
Handout (PDF, 815KB)
Steven Dakai, AD ICS, Treatment Supervisor, Maehnowesekiyah Wellness Center

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