Mental Health Participant Employment Outcomes

All county departments of human services (Wis. Stat. § 46.23) and community programs (Wis. Stat. § 51.42) are required to report data to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services describing individuals with mental health and substance use service needs and the services they provide them. Data collection is required describing all service participants whose care is the legal responsibility of county service agencies, regardless of the funding source for their services or whether services are provided by county agencies directly or via a contracted private service agency. Individuals who are not served under the county agency are not included in this data brief.

While not all service participants need employment support, a frequent goal of service plans is to help participants seek and obtain a job to assist in their ability to support themselves through employment during and after services. Employment also provides skills and meaningful activities for participants.

Participants were included when discharged from services in 2016 and had a valid employment status collected. Employment status is only collected while the participant is receiving services. Changes in employment status after discharge are unknown. The participant’s employment status at the time of enrollment is compared to their last known employment status before discharge.

Employment status is defined as follows:

  • Employed: Individuals who have either a part-time or full-time job,
  • Unemployed: Individuals who do not have a job, but have actively looked for work in the past 30 days and are currently available for work,
  • Not in the Labor Force: Individuals who are unwilling or unable to engage in competitive employment (i.e. disabled, retired, student). This category also includes individuals who may be willing and able to work, but have not been looking for work in the past 30 days.

Pie chart depicting employment status of discharged participants 2016

  Count Percent
Employed 838 25.6
Unemployed 307 9.4
Not in Labor Force 2,130 65.0
TOTAL 3,275


Data source: Program Participation System

Graph depicting change in employment status of discharged mental health participants 2016
  Discharge Employment Status Total
  Employed Unemployed Not in Labor Force  
Employed 605 32 77 714
Unemployed 32 188 60 280
Not in Labor Force 127 80 1,903 2,110
Total 764 300 2,040 3,104

Data source: Program Participation System

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Last Revised: July 2, 2018