2013-2015 Minority Health Community Grants

The Wisconsin Minority Health Program under authority of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services has awarded 4 grants in the amount of $25,000. The purpose of the community grants is to support the work of community-based organizations serving socially disadvantaged minority group members. The funded initiatives address the social determinants of health as the key strategy. The Minority Health Program is pleased to announce that the 2013-2014 grantee recipients have been awarded continuing grants for the fiscal year 2014 - 2015. Their project goals are described below.

2013 - 2015 Community Grant Projects and Goals

 Logo-link to CORE/El Centro
CORE/El Centro

Connected Communities

  • Support community health workers (CHWs) across different ethnic groups to identify the most prominent social determinants of health (SDH) and disseminate findings to inform community grass roots efforts, public health agendas and health policies.
  • Increase collaborative work among CHWs across cultures to promote civic engagement to address the social determinants of health.

Logo-link to Racine Kenosha Community Action Agency
Racine Kenosha Community Action Agency

Peer Breastfeeding Support for African Americans in Racine, Wisconsin

  • Increase knowledge of the value of breastmilk and breastfeeding benefits among African American families in Racine (pregnant, breastfeeding mothers, fathers, family members and related community individuals).
  • Increase breastfeeding initiation rates among African American families.

Logo-link to Urban League of Greater Madison
Urban League of Greater Madison
Minority Health Community Grants

  • Unemployed and underemployed individuals with employment barriers will learn new skills and demonstrate the behaviors necessary for successfully achieving and retaining employment.
  • Unemployed and underemployed individuals will increase their economic self-sufficiency by obtaining new or better employment.

Logo-link to Wausau Area Hmong Mutual Association

Hmong American Center (formerly Wausau Area Hmong Mutual Association)
Networking to Improve Hmong Health and Access to Care:

  • Improve the health literacy of Hmong living in North Central Wisconsin via bilingual workshops and courses.
  • Develop Wausau Area Hmong Health Coalition and formal structure for Hmong Health Education Network.

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