Wisconsin Minority Populations and Health Reports

Minority Populations

The Wisconsin Minority Health Program targets four diverse racial and ethnic minority populations: African American, Hispanic / Latino, Asian and American Indian. Together, these four groups make up an estimated 15% of Wisconsin's total population, and they are the referent populations in all data, programs, funding and initiatives of the Minority Health Program. Other minority groups we work with include Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT); people with disabilities; and disparate rural communities. The target populations are subject to change based on emerging trends in health disparities and the stated population focus of the federal Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health, and other federal, national, state and local initiatives.

Wisconsin's Minority Populations, 2000 and 2010
(number and percentage of total population)*

  2000 2010
  Number Percent of total Number Percent of total
African American 300,245 5.6% 350,898 6.2%
American Indian 43,980 0.8% 48,511 0.9%
Asian 87,995 1.6% 128,052 2.3%
Hispanic/Latino 192,921 3.6% 336,056 5.9%

*Note: Race groups are non-Hispanic. Hispanics may be of any race. 
Source: 2000 Census Summary File 1; 2010 Census Redistricting File and Census Quick Facts. 
2000 Wisconsin population = 5,363,708. 
2010 Wisconsin population = 5,686,986.

Minority Health Reports

From this page you can find links to the Department's statistical reports on the health of minority populations in Wisconsin. These reports have been prepared as part of the Minority Health Program.

Last Revised: December 16, 2016