February 18, 2012
Stephanie Smiley, 608-266-1683

Secretary Dennis G. Smith Welcomes Assembly Committee Passage of Bill Lifting Family Care Enrollment Cap

MADISON-The Department of Health Services Secretary Dennis G. Smith today offered the following statement regarding Assembly Committee passage of AB 477, a bill to lift the enrollment cap on Wisconsin's long term care programs:

"With the vote to send AB 477 to the Assembly floor today, and recent passage of SB 380 in the Senate, legislation to again enroll Wisconsin's eligible elderly and individuals with disabilities in the Family Care program moves closer to reaching Governor Walker's desk. We look forward to the opportunity to allow our citizens to access coordinated long term care services and supports that help them live well in their communities. We appreciate Rep. Knodl's efforts to move this legislation forward from the Committee on Aging and Long Term Care to the full Assembly.

We will continue to work with all stakeholders to ensure that the program's foundation is strong and sustainable for the future. Our recently proposed sustainability initiatives will be a critical component of this effort, as will our upcoming town hall meetings, where we look forward to receiving input from Wisconsin residents around the state."