March 14, 2012
Stephanie Smiley, 608-266-1683

Secretary Dennis G. Smith Welcomes AssemblyPassage of Bill Lifting Family Care Enrollment Cap

MADISON-The Department of Health Services Secretary Dennis G. Smith today offered the following statement regarding the passage of AB 477, a bill to lift the enrollment cap on Wisconsin's long term care programs:

"We are pleased to be close to reaching our goal of lifting the enrollment cap on Family Care and bringing the program's many benefits to our elderly and individuals with disabilities. Providing long term care services in a coordinated, efficient manner, and providing the supports these citizens need to live well in their communities, are the important goals of this program. We appreciate the commitment on the part of Senator Moulton and Representative Kaufert to moving this legislation forward.

As we continue to hold statewide town hall meetings on our proposed sustainability initiatives, we look forward to hearing from individuals, families, advocacy groups and providers who are focused, as we are, on keeping Family Care strong and sustainable."