March 26, 2013
Jennifer Miller, 608-266-1683

Wisconsin Department of Health Services Deputy Secretary Moore On Audit of Placements of Sex Offenders on Supervised Release

MADISON-Department of Health Services Deputy Secretary Kevin Moore said this afternoon that he welcomes an audit of placements of sex offenders who are on supervised release, as approved today by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee.

"While looking for efficiencies and saving tax dollars is always an important mission, in this case that has to be weighed and balanced with the right of Wisconsin residents to be safe," Moore said.

Moore added that the Department of Health Services will gladly provide information to auditors to help explain the complexities of the supervised release program and managing a difficult clientele. He said that also requires collaboration and cooperation among various state agencies-both state and local.

"Public safety is our number one goal," Moore continued. "If the audit reveals new ways that we can ensure that public safety while efficiently housing and monitoring people on supervised release, then we look forward to the recommendations."