September 4, 2019
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Elizabeth Goodsitt, 608-266-1683

New Funding Will Help Rural Health Care Providers

DHS grants will help critical health care positions by providing more education and training opportunities to rural health care professionals

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) announced today new funding for grant programs which will help fill critical health care positions by expanding education and training opportunities for Wisconsin health care professionals in rural areas.

“Access to quality health care in rural communities is critical to providing care in the underserved areas in our state,” said Jeanne Ayers, State Health Officer and Division of Public Health administrator. “We are pleased this funding will support the training and education of health care professionals to better serve Wisconsin residents by providing them with greater access to quality care.”

The Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) Grants, totaling more than $200,000, will help rural health care providers increase the number of physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses by supporting the development of clinical training sites.

Providers receiving the APC grants include:

  • Aspirus - hospitals located in central Wisconsin
  • Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) Eastern Wisconsin Division/Prevea Health - hospitals located in Northeast Wisconsin
  • Marshfield Clinic Health System - Marshfield, Wisconsin
  • SSM Health - hospitals located in South Central Wisconsin

The Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Education and Training Grants are intended to assist rural hospitals and clinics in filling critical “high need, high demand” health care positions that are not doctors, nurses or dentists. This year’s awards, totaling more than $576,000 over two years, will support education and training opportunities for professionals, including medical assistants, mental health counselors-in-training, and nursing assistants.

Providers receiving the AHP grants include:

  • Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) St. Clare Hospital - hospitals located in Northeast Wisconsin
  • Marshfield Clinic Health System - Marshfield, Wisconsin
  • Oregon Mental Health Services - Oregon, Wisconsin
  • Upland Hills Health, Inc. - Dodgeville, Wisconsin

Both grant programs were first authorized in the 2017-2019 biennial budget through legislation aimed at improving rural health care. Up to $500,000 in new funding is authorized for each program per year. This is the second year that both the APC and AHP grants have been awarded.