September 4, 2020
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Elizabeth Goodsitt, 608-266-1683

New Data Dashboard Shows COVID-19 Trends by Age Group

Numbers reveal younger people have more confirmed cases and higher rates of illness in Wisconsin

The Department of Health Services (DHS) today released a new data dashboard that displays confirmed COVID-19 cases by age group. The new view allows people to better understand how COVID-19 is affecting populations in Wisconsin. Current data show that those in the 18-34 age range have more confirmed cases and higher rates of illness than all other age groups.

“This dashboard provides information younger Wisconsinites, and everyone in our state, can use to help box in this virus,” said DHS Secretary-designee Andrea Palm, “We are counting on everyone to understand COVID-19 is still spreading in our state, and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.” We encourage everyone, regardless of age but particularly for those younger Wisconsinites, to be safe should they choose to spend time with people outside of their homes.”

On the new dashboard, data are displayed in two graphs. First, showing the number of COVID-19 cases in each age group by week. Then, as cumulative totals that show all cases in each age group over time. Viewers can toggle the graphs to either display number or rate. Number show total COVID-19 cases for each age group. The rate accounts for differences in how each age group makes up the population, and provides a more “apples to apples” comparison.

Based on interviews conducted by public health officials, people in the 18-34 age range report they are engaging in behaviors that put them more at risk for COVID-19, like attending social gatherings without staying at least six feet apart and not wearing masks.

We urge Wisconsinites of any age to continue to limit social gatherings, practice social distancing, wear a mask when appropriate, and wash their hands often. The Decision Tool for Individuals and Families can help people make safe choices when it comes to activities outside the home. The Activity Level by Region and County page allows people to check trends in their communities, or if they have to travel, in their destination cities and towns.

Find the latest information about COVID-19 on the DHS website and follow @DHSWI on Facebook and Twitter, and @dhs.wi on Instagram.