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For Immediate Release
September 29, 2021
Jennifer Miller, 608-266-1683
Elizabeth Goodsitt, 608-266-1683

DHS Improves Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services for Medicaid Members

Beginning November 1, a new vendor will make updates to improve the member experience, but the overall process to secure assistance getting to covered appointments will remain the same

Beginning November 1, 2021, Wisconsin Medicaid members who participate in eligible programs will be working with a new vendor, Veyo, to get transportation to their covered health care appointments. This benefit, referred to as non-emergency medical transportation or NEMT, is available when members lack access to transportation, require assistance because of disabilities, or have their appointments in locations or at times when public transportation is not available. The outgoing vendor, MTM, will continue to provide services through October 31.

"Getting to health care appointments can be difficult without reliable access to transportation,” said DHS Secretary-designee Karen Timberlake. “The NEMT benefit keeps transportation from being a barrier to our Medicaid members receiving the health care services they need.”

Many things will remain the same for members under the new vendor. If members were eligible for rides, bus tickets, or money for gas previously, they are still eligible with Veyo. Members still call the same number to schedule a ride for covered services. Members will still have access to online scheduling and a dedicated member ombuds.

There are improvements, too:

  • Veyo offers a mobile-friendly online portal where members can manage and schedule rides from their mobile devices.
  • Members will be able to sign up to receive text messages containing important trip information, including confirmations, reminders, and driver arrival alerts. Members will also be able to cancel a ride or request a return ride by responding to a text.
  • Veyo has created a dedicated unit that will handle rides related to critical appointments (dialysis, cancer treatments, hospital, dental care).
  • Members will have additional ways to submit documentation for gas mileage reimbursement, and Veyo has made enhancements to the reimbursement process to include electronic funds transfer.
  • With 3rd party review, there are new features to the online complaint submission process and more immediate resolution.
  • Veyo has added a transportation provider ombuds to work with members on any issues or complaints.

Founded in 2015, Veyo is already providing transportation services managing trips for thousands of Medicaid and Medicare members in seven states, and is currently getting up and running in Wisconsin. DHS is sending out communications to providers and members informing them about the transition. Members will have an opportunity to join an informational webinar in late October. Transportation providers interested in contracting with Veyo should contact them at Facilities can contact Veyo at More information about the NEMT benefit and the upcoming webinars is available on the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation webpage.

Last revised September 29, 2021