TEFAP - Background Information

Congress currently mandates a minimum of $140 million annually for the purchase of food by USDA through the federal price-support program and other sources. These funds are allocated to each state based on a formula using the current weighted poverty and unemployment index. Wisconsin’s fair share of entitlement dollars earmarked for USDA purchases of food for the program in FFY 2002 provided combined amounts of over 9.8 million pounds of food with a value of over $5.4 million in FFY 2002.

Wisconsin limits the distribution of TEFAP commodities to Emergency Feeding Organizations (EFOs) and outlets (pantries, soup kitchens and shelters) eligible to assist in the distribution of commodities received under this program. USDA/FNS defines an Emergency Feeding Organization (EFO) as a public or nonprofit tax-exempt agency that provides nutrition assistance to relieve situations of emergency and distress through the provision of food to needy persons including low-income and unemployed persons.

Last Revised: February 24, 2015