Service Fund

DHS Chapter HFS 77: The Department of Health Services (DHS) may use funds from the appropriations under s. 20.435 (6) (a) and (hs), Stats., to reimburse communication access service providers for Deaf, Deaf-Blind or hard of hearing individual. Reimbursements may be approved if any of the the following circumstances apply:

  • The individual or agency requesting communication access services is not required by state or federal law to provide those services;
  • No other source of funding is applicable; or
  • The department determines that undue hardship or potential harm to the individual or agency is caused by requiring the individual or agency to provide reimbursement for communication access services.

Reimbursement for communication access services under this chapter is contingent upon the availability of funds in the appropriations under s. 20.435 (6) (a) and (hs), Stats.

Download the Service Fund Application, F-01264

If you need assistance filling out the form, please contact Bette Mentz-Powell.

Communication Access Services Providers Seeking Reimbursement

A communication access services provider seeking reimbursement for interpreting services from the Service Fund must have a valid DSPS license.

Once the request for communication access services has been approved, it is up to the requestor to provide the Approval Form to the provider. Once the approved assignment is completed, the communication access services provider is required to send their invoice(s), along with a copy of the Service Fund Approval Form to:

Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Service Fund Invoice
Attn: Chantel Wiedmeyer
1 W. Wilson Street, Room 558
Madison, WI 53703

You can also submit an electronic version of the information stated to Chantel Wiedmeyer.

Last Revised: February 8, 2018