Oral Health Program: Trainings

Below are links for trainings presented or sponsored by the Oral Health Program. The below webinar trainings are available on TRAIN Wisconsin, an e-learning resource that supports distance learning and training. TRAIN Wisconsin is a free service of the Division of Public Health and the Public Health Foundation.

Oral Health Program Trainings
Title Description TRAIN Wisconsin Course ID
Community Water Fluoridation 101 A 60-minute webinar covering the topic of community water fluoridation. 1059883
Mobile Dentistry in Wisconsin A 30-minute webinar on Wisconsin's mobile dental legislation, DE-10: Mobile Dentistry. 1083769
School-Based Water Interventions in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity and Tooth Decay A 90-minute webinar providing an overview on the impact of increased access to optimally fluoridated water on standardized body mass index and oral health in school-age children. Tools and guidelines on how to advocate for safe and appealing water in schools.  1067109
Water Fluoridation Practice and Operation Tips & Tricks A 30-minute webinar covering the basic principles of fluoridation engineering and community water fluoridation administrative guidance. 1065197


Last Revised: June 23, 2020