Family Care

Family Care

Family Care is a long-term care program which helps frail elders and adults with disabilities get the services they need to remain in their homes. This comprehensive and flexible program offers services to foster independence and quality of life for members, while recognizing the need for interdependence and support.

Family Care, a national model in long-term care, was established in 1998. By 2010, the program served nearly 29,000 members in 53 counties. The quick growth and popularity of the program led to a Legislative Audit Bureau review of cost-effectiveness and efficiencies, and an enrollment cap. Under the direction of Governor Scott Walker, DHS worked to develop solutions to help control costs, and in December 2011, Governor Walker lifted the caps on Family Care, allowing for expansion to northeast Wisconsin and Rock County.

In July of 2016, DHS announced plans to expand Family Care statewide, and eliminate the wait list for those in need of these services in the remaining seven counties. As of October 1, 2017, there were 50,109 enrolled members in 70 counties.

The goals of the Family Care program are:

Choice—Give people better choices about the services and supports available to meet their needs.
Access—Improve people's access to services.
Quality—Improve the overall quality of the long-term care system by focusing on achieving people's health and social outcomes.
Cost-effectiveness—Create a cost-effective long-term care system for the future.

For more information, please contact:

Division of Medicaid Services
Bureau of Adult Long Term Care Services
1 West Wilson Street, Room 518
P.O. Box 7851
Madison WI 53707-7851
Phone: 608-267-7286
Fax: 608-266-5629

Last Revised: November 22, 2017