Peer Run Respite Centers Advisory Committee

Proposed Development Process Outline

Peer support and peer run organizations administration is housed in the Bureau of Prevention, Treatment and Recovery (BPTR) within the Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (DMHSAS).

The planning for the development of Peer Run Respite (PRRC) development will:

  • Encompass both internal and external partners and stakeholders
  • DMHSAS will be the lead for Department of Health Services (DHS)
  • DMHSAS will establish an internal workgroup
  • DMHSAS will establish an external Peer Run Respite Center Advisory Committee comprised of external partners and stakeholders
  • Areas of planning include:
    •  Research PRRC models
    •  Engage a variety of consumers for input regarding needs
    •  Develop framework for establishing PRRC in the state
    •  Develop model for PRRC
    •  Identify methods of quality assurance and outcomes for PRRC

Peer Run Respite Advisory Committee Membership

Ackley, Kathryn
Benton, Willie
Burg, Julie
Burger, Mary Lou
Chaffee, Jill
Christianson, Donna
Clay, Beth
Corona, Phillip
Downing, Constance
Flanagan, Hannah
Fossie, Sheila
Grande, Mary Jane
Knoble-Iverson, Kathie
Kundert, Evonne
Larson, Michelle
Lewis, Tanya
Malofsky, Lyn
Mckay, Jacklyn
Neubauer, Mary
Park-Sutherland, William
Pauser, Alice
Shemanski, Sue
Stephens, Joann
Verrett, Paula
Weld-Beck, Stephanie

Past Meetings

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September 10, 2013 Meeting Materials

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