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History of the program in Wisconsin

Peer Run Respites are a proven model of crisis programming for individuals living with mental health or substance use concerns.  Wisconsin's Peer Run Respites are built upon the successes of similar programs in California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and New York.

The 2013-2015 state budget authorized the Department of Health Services to create Peer Run Respites. The Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services was charged with leading the development of the program.   An advisory committee of internal and external stakeholders was convened in the fall of 2013.  This group reviewed Peer Run Respite models and research, developed a framework for the program in Wisconsin, identified methods of quality assurance, and identified performance outcomes for the program.

The advisory committee met four times in 2013.  Listed below are summaries of each meeting.

The following documents were reviewed by the advisory committee during its discussions in 2013.

The Department of Health Services issued an RFP for the Peer Run Respite Program in 2014.  Three planning and development grants were awarded in June 2014.  The grantees are:

Each non-profit organization received a total of $441,666.  Funding for these grants was included in the 2013-2015 state budget and a piece of legislation included in the bills enacted as a result of the Speaker's Task Force on Mental Health.

These organizations have been meeting regularly with Department of Health Services staff since June 2014 to develop their Peer Run Respites.  Additionally, each organization has been performing outreach in their communities to inform peers, peer run organizations, mental health and substance use professionals, law enforcement, and other stakeholders about Peer Run Respite services.

For more information about Peer Run Respites in Wisconsin, please contact Faith Boersma at 608-261-6746.

National Peer Run Respite directory

The National Empowerment Center maintains a directory of Peer Run Respites in the U.S.


Last Revised: July 6, 2015