Public Health Nursing: The Public Health Intervention Wheel

Public health nurses and other public health professionals work collaboratively with communities to create environments that promote health and prevent disease and disability. They use an ecological approach to respond to the needs of the communities and are proactive in program and policy development to enhance the health of populations. Public health nurses use the Nursing Intervention Wheel to define the scope of public health nursing practice by the type of intervention and the level of practice. Regardless of the site or the population, this core set of interventions represents public health nursing as a specialty practice of nursing. This online version of this Public Health Intervention Wheel enhances the original wheel by using visual representations of the interventions by level of intervention in the everyday practice of public health nursing.

Public Health Intervention Wheel and Applications for Nursing Practice, University of Minnesota School of Public Health  (Exit DHS)

The Minnesota Model ("The Intervention Wheel") - Depicts the use of the Public Health Interventions at the various levels of practice.  This model is the basis for the framework of the SPHERE system.  The following power point presentation includes a description of the interventions and subinterventions that is discussed during the training section of SPHERE Interventions and Subinterventions. Presentation

 image of the intervention wheel

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Last Revised: November 20, 2014